I don’t know about you, but have you noticed that this pandemic has really changed how we do things? I think one of the major changes is that we’ve learned to prioritize rest, simplicity, and relationships. We’ve awaken to the reality that there is so much more to what we’ve been accustomed to,  and that there is value in the things that we often overlook. This paved the way for most couples during this pandemic to have a smaller size wedding, hence the increase in popularity of micro weddings.

(Josh & Jessica had a long table setup to dine with their guests)

What is a Micro Wedding?

Micro wedding, small wedding, intimate wedding, a minimony, or whatever you may call it, like it’s name suggests, will typically be composed of a guest list of up to 50 people. They still make up of time-honored wedding traditions but on a much smaller scale. Think of it as a cross betwen an elopement and a traditional wedding with a minimalist mentality. So yes, it’s a Hybrid type of wedding (hope you’re still not confused by all these new terms LOL)! Also a Micro Wedding is usually budget friendly since you only spend on things that actually matter most to you. A good analogy would be a Micro Wedding is kind of like a Prius, but instead of saving gas, you save money. 😉

(Their micro wedding was held in one of their close church member’s backyard)

With all this in mind, the question now is: Why Should You Have A Micro Wedding?

  • Less Stress – I can’t stress enough (pun intended) how important this is! Can you imagine dealing with financial, social, and logistical anxieties while planning the most special day of your life? While stress is part of the planning process, having a Micro Wedding reduces the overall wedding stress from all angles. Because sometimes, less is more.

  • Unconventional Venue Options – with a smaller guest list, the sky’s the limit on your venue possibilities! From the backyard or the park, the beach or the mountains, and all the way to the great outdoors. Your Micro Wedding can definitely be an adventure. Let your imagination run wild!
  • Quality Time – since this is a small size gathering, you really get to interact with your guests. Save yourselves from a day of steady stream of welcomes, goodbyes, and guilt that you haven’t really talked to each individual from your 100+ people guest list. Micro Weddings definitely emphasize on the quality rather than the quantity of people you get to share this special day with.
(Josh & Jessica’s guests blessing and praying over them & their marriage, this was such a memorable scene and by far one the most intimate moments I’ve been in)

Have me document each special moment of this day of yours and I assure you, each photo will tell your love story!