Alright, let’s head on straight to the question: What is an elopement wedding and why do couples choose to have one?

Well, the short answer is that it’s an intimate form of wedding in which the bride and the groom marry without a formal ceremony. The idea of eloping is to avoid all the stress and pressure that comes with wedding planning. Kind of like a private celebration with your closest family and friends. — or even just the two of you.

But hey, in order to understand this further and to know in full detail why this is so special, keep on reading. I’d like to take you through the adventure elopement experience Jason & Melissa had that I documented in Wyoming. — and by the end of this blog, I am positive that you’ll want to elope as well!

Being a night shift RN who works 12 hours shift, I’m pretty much used to staying up all night. Weird thing is, I don’t even need caffeine to keep myself awake the entire shift! So waking up at 3 AM to drive down to our location wasn’t that big of deal for me.

 My go to catch-phrase is “make the most out of everything”. I tell that to most of my friends whenever we go out exploring. It’s to imply that we should take our time and do as much as we can do in every situation. For me, it’s a principle I take to heart, especially when it comes to taking photos. That’s why I made sure that for Jason & Melissa’s Elopement, we got to make the most out of our time in Jackson Hole to meet the mountain at sunrise.

We arrived at our location at about 5:45 AM. While they we’re settling in and getting all dressed up, I went ahead and explored a bit just to get some fresh air and awaken my creative side. When they were both ready, we did a couple of warm up shots!

I’d like to say that our Subaru did a pretty good job with the lighting, don’t you think? (Subaru sponsor us, LOL)

I had them both walk around the area just to get their blood flowing and also generate heat since it  was freezing that time! These two are really committed to the adventure for sure.

Then little by little the sun started to peak out of the  horizon, and we took that as our cue to go on ahead and start with the intimate ceremony.

And this is why I love elopements and intimate weddings, because I really get to be in the moment with the couple. Not just someone who’s there for the sake of taking photos, but as someone who they can both be at ease and comfortable being vulnerable around with. This is what it’s all about: authentic, true, and raw emotions that you get to share with the most important person in your life. Witnessing that moment between Jason & Melissa truly was a scene I will always cherish, and get back into whenever I want to remember why I love, honor, and respect this aspect of my work.

After the intimate ceremony, we were blessed with this magical view of the mountains! The dreamy hues, the mountain and all it’s glory, and having them both in frame was just a sight to see. Jaw-droppping I’d say!

We stayed for a bit longer just to enjoy the spectacular view that we were gifted with. Even when the sun was starting to get a bit harsh, we captured a few more shots just to make sure we got the most out of this gorgeous place! 😉

Of course, a toast for an awesome time! But also, they had to load up with caffeine since we had one more location to get to and finish the day with. 😀

We head on over to a close by town to grab some lunch & explored the area for a little bit until we were ready to drive over to our sunset photoshoot location. After 2.5 hours of driving,  we reached the other side of Wyoming for our final location. And again, nature never failed to amaze us…we were blessed with another spectacular view!

The way that the river flows in the background and the sun basking us with it’s golden light was such a captivating moment!

We went further ahead and explored the area to reach this geothermal spring, and oh man! The effect it had while the sun was setting gave the steam a golden/flaming tone to it!

We then slowed down a bit, just to give ourselves some time to take a break be in the moment. We knew that it day is about done, so we matched the pace of of the setting sun. — slowly and gracefully. I took a few more shots, my last few ones, and this time with them just being at ease.

Doing an elopement wedding When you think of an elopement wedding, think of the experience and the focus behind it. Here are 3 reasons why should do an elopement wedding:

1. intentional – it allows both individuals to be in the moment without feeling  unhurried. There are no rules and no pressure. It’s all about the intimacy and authenticity.

2. relational – It opens up an avenue where each one can pour their time, attention, and emotions focused on the other without having to worry about if everything is going on time. It’s about the stillness and knowing that you two are finally coming together as one.

3. creative – since majority of the time is focused on the experience itself, it gives us the freedom to explore and be more creative. Unlike traditional weddings, we are not bound to the pressure of having a set schedule. And as your photographer, it gives me the creative freedom to compose and deliver magical, memorable and jaw-dropping photos from this experience! I’d love to be there for you elopement wedding, and if you’ve made it this far and still reading on, then I think it’s time that you get in touch with me, and let’s get this adventure started!